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marylee1962: Awesome concert

The most awesome weekend was spent traveling to PA to visit family....thank you to them for the hospitality. ....if not for them  we would not have enjoyed the Crystal Blue Band  and Johnny Angel and the Halos. What an extraordinary treat. Fantastic tunes from the past. Can not wait to see the next concert.....and the opportunity to hang with the fam....?

Friday, 24 June 2016
themixtoo: WHAT A SHOW !

You guys were great last night.... maybe you should change your name to 'The Crystal Blue Spondells' or maybe 'The Spondells minus Tony'.... everyone would know who you were/are. It was very special to talk to all of you last night...... keep on rockin'....look forward to your next CD..Cleveland Gary

Sunday, 19 June 2016
themixtoo: CAN'T WAIT

Mike, can't wait to see you guys in person together after all these years. This is 'Cleveland Gary', remember that great night in Cincinnattii with Gus and Lori and her husband? Or how about that Legacy thing at the RRHOF with Tommy where they tried to take the microphone from me....hahahaha......and Ron, I still need another copy of 'My Offering'..... I've worn the first one outcool

Sunday, 12 June 2016
EdTufexis: Legacy Review




A song belongs to the ages, once it's been written. Then it no longer belongs to one man or one band or even one group of people. But those who have written, recorded or performed those songs, always have a part of them remaining in that song. 



So it is with the new album,  LEGACY, by The Crystal Blue Band.  Made up of Mike Vale,  Eddie Gray and Ron Rossman, the Original Shondells,  along with new drummer, Mike Wilps, the band has taken their classics and made them their own.



Tommy James has a style of his own,  and his voice is highly recognizable. But the songs are more than that.  They are the vocals,  the instrumentation, the production and the arrangements. And the vocals of these hits by Mike and Ron,  the sweet guitar of Eddie and the beat by Mike have created a new sound while paying homage to the Past.



In particular,  the vocals of Ron on Crystal Blue Persuasion, as well as Mike Wilps percussion make this song a real treat. The almost haunting sounds of Eddie's guitar on so many of the tracks, take you to another time.  And Mike Vale's influence is heard in every tune.



My favorites are Ball Of Fire,  which knocked my socks off and Do Something To Me which rocks to a higher level. Mony Mony takes that level and leaves you higher than you've been in a long time. 



Hanky Panky, the original garage band song, sounds more crisp than ever. All and all,  this album is already a classic and when you hear it,  I know you will agree,  Keep on rocking,  boys.  This was 50 years in the making,  and I hope we don't have to wait another 50 for your next trip to that Crimson Ball Of Fire in that Crystal Blue sky


Ed Tufexis 6/7/16


Saturday, 11 June 2016
Gina Pulaski: June 18

Want to wish you guys the best of luck in your premiere performance on June 18. I know it will be FANTASTIC! Can't wait to finally see you perform ☺

Tuesday, 07 June 2016
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